Born and raised in Peterborough, Ontario, the ever-popular Porsha always craved the big city excitement. With a family background in music, their house was the music-making spot. Mom provided backup vocals, and her rock loving father played guitar in a band for years.
Porsha took dance growing up, always loved singing, but didn't start focusing on music as a career till 2009. Coming from a small town, Porsha soon realized there was something more that she yearned for. That's when she packed up her dreams and moved onward to Toronto.
Inspired from childhood by all the top pop acts, from the Beatles, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Shania Twain, Alanis Morrisette, Gwen Stefani, and her guitarist father, on and on, in Toronto, Porsha quickly began to pursue her dreams and to start networking with industry professionals. 
Lovely Porsha got noticed, attended many industry events and built friendships with other successful artists, DJs, promoters, and photographers. Spending some time in the states and collaborating with impressive musical acts only strengthened her craft. Developing her sound was very important to her as she solidified the Porsha brand. "I demo'd a lot of music - singing other peoples songs. It was a great experience, but something was missing, and it was my contribution to the writing process. At that point all of my focus went into writing songs." 
A couple years later this led her to co-write on her first feature release "Star 2013". Porsha wrote her saucy verses for Ultra Music, the world's leading independent electronic music label, whose roster includes releases by Deadmau5, Calvin Harris, Kaskade, and Benny Benassi. The acclaimed single was the first release by a female Canadian on Ultra Music. Beaming off the success of "Star 2013", Porsha was nominated for Dance Artist of The Year at the 2014 SIRIUS XM INDIES awards. 
“Mr. Wrong” Porsha’s second release to Canadian radio was written by Jenson Vaughan, who has helped pen such hits as the double platinum, Grammy Nominated “This Is What It Feels Like” by Armin Van Buuren. With support in Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver and of course her hometown Peterborough. This Canadian artist is breaking musical waves and everyone who hears her music and catches her shows, rides the tide with her upbeat inspirational spirit that leaves all listeners in awe dancing and singing in the aisles.
Porsha is currently in the studio firing up scorching new tracks, working on her EP with songwriter/producer Ovi, who has written and produced the Canadian Hit “Burning” by Mia Martina and Canadian Hit “Shisha” by Massari. The EP will have empowering songs that inspire others to be strong and go for what you want, get back up when someone pushes you down and to believe in yourself. Brace yourself for a new revitalizing sound within the universe as Porsha's energetic uplift is felt pulsating through her music. 
Porsha's talent is all natural, polished from within. She is in her niche when she develops songs with people that are really good at producing beats. She listens to the instrumentals and the unbelievable music experience takes off from there.
Her musical repertoire covers the full Pop, Dance, Electronic spectrum. Positively upbeat, with a party groove, and newer music that is more inspirational. Marking Porsha's full development and growth into a fully realized artist. Her emergence as a gifted female vocalist in a wonderful, charasmatic, pop persona.
In July 2015, Porsha opened a major show for Youth Day at Yonge and Dundas square, renowned stage in Toronto. Furthermore, she is a Recognized Artist with Factor Canada, also Recognized Socan Artist, through the songwriters organization.
Porsha loves the experience and excitement of creating wondrous sounds in the studio, being able to get different emotions down and record new material. Every songwriter loves and lives for the live show, the performance, of course. For Porsha, as for many, both experiences go naturally hand in hand.
Early 2017 we will witness the release of Porsha's first EP. Finally, after three years of incredible singles, Porsha begins to come spectacularly into her own. The presently unsigned independent artist is hoping to get signed by next year with a major label. And to top it all off, the joy and fulfillment of succeeding on her own with complete creative control.
As for performances and playing around town, Porsha has done amazing shows at Gravity Sound Bar, downtown Toronto, Club space, My Apartment, also in Toronto. Porsha is also planning some other shows when she brings her musical talents out west to Vancouver this summer. There are no limits!